Women’s handbags. What is your choice?

A handbag is one of the important details of the wardrobe of every girl. Handbags lovers are divided into two groups. Some of us prefer bags of young progressive brands: backpacks or bucket bags but many of us can’t imagine themselves without eternal classics such as Chanel, Hermes or Vuitton because women’s handbags of sophisticated shapes are relevant anywhere and anytime.

“I am tired of wearing reticulums in my hands, besides, I always lose them”- said great Mademoiselle and the story began with these words.

Handbag from Chanel says that its owner is a girl who loves herself.

More than 50 years have passed, but Chanel 2.55 has not changed to this day. There are no compartments for a mobile phone and cigarettes, only a small pocket for lipstick, which from the very beginning, is provided by Chanel herself. It’s hard to imagine a bag more coveted by women of fashion than this. But if 50 years ago she was worn with tweed suits and a string of pearls, today she is a great accessory for clothes in casual style.

Today, a bag is not only a woman’s wardrobe, and often a man’s, but also an attribute of luxurious life. The Kelly and Birkin handbags from Hermès fashion house became such an attribute. Collectors of Hermès are known for their encyclopedic knowledge of materials, shades, and models. To be an Hermès expert is to be fluent in a language in which phrases such as “Bleu Orage Clemence K28” and “Rose Scheherazade Porosus B35” are not only familiar, but represent something very specific.

Modern concepts of style make it possible for designers not to restrain their imagination in the field of shape, color, size, material of new handbags, today it is not necessary that the bag be combined with shoes and other accessories, which is why this is one of the favorite items of modern admirers of fashion and style.

It should be added that for today travel bags, in the production of which there is no equal to the Luis Vuitton brand, are also an important attribute of the wardrobe. One of the most important qualities of their products was not only refinement but also the convenience of the bag and its practicality.

It’s hard to choose among a million varieties of this accessory, but then you can always afford to be different and feel at your best.

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